Consulting Services

  • Clinic Design-consultation services for new and existing clinics, services include but are not limited to: square footage calculations for orthopedic/sports medicine layout of floor plan and equipment, equipment purchase recommendations.
  • Facility Management-Determine Operating Expenses, needs analysis on specific services, outsource or self mange your own maintenance/janitorial services etc
  • Outreach Design and Implementation-Consultation on how to identify new outreach markets and how to expand existing programs. How to stay “ahead of the curve” and how to not “overextend” and “over promise” and then “under deliver”
  • Market your Services-Analysis on how to identify what your market is and target those markets. Advice on how to “service” an outreach program. Also analysis on how to identify “barriers to treatment” in today’s high co-pay outpatient orthopedic environment

**fees are negotiable

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